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Why does my jaw click?

All is well when the jaw joints work within functional symmetry, but if one side begins to move differently many compensatory patterns can begin.  These adaptive movements can be the beginning of a vicious cycle where some tissues are overworked and eventually become compromised.

A special friction-reducing disc exists inside the joint much like the discs in the spine.  The disc maintains the appropriate amount of space in the joint, and moves forward and back in co-ordination with the opening and closing of the mouth. Joint compression and muscle tightness often accumulate resulting in an abnormally forward disc position. Then, as the jaw bone moves, the disc bunches up like a speed bump on the road, producing a click. As a result, if left untreated disc perforation can result, leaving the joint vulnerable to pain and arthritis.

I grind my teeth at night, should I have a bite plane?

Yes. Grinding the teeth or clenching of the jaw chronically puts repetitive stress on the jaw muscles and especially the two joints (Temporomandibular joints). As a result, this wear and tear left untreated can lead to a number of issues. (ie. lockjaw, popping of the TMJ, osteoporosis etc.).

Is the feeling of my ears being plugged, caused by my jaw issues?

You are correct. If you have tinnitus, earache or feeling of fullness in the ears with no reasoning, it is very likely it’s jaw related. This has to do with the inability of the air pressure within the ear to balance with the air outside the body. You can read more about this through the link below.

Can my TMJ treatments be billed through my health insurance plan?

Yes. Just like regular massage therapy treatments, TMJ and jaw-related treatments are billed under massage therapy with health insurance plans.