A Bit About Me

I thought it was time I share my personal story for everyone to get to know me better. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I worked in the health care field as a Continuing Care Assistant for about 7 years. I gained some valuable experience in various types of care facilities including hospitals, mental health, home care and seniors homes. I have always had a passion to help others and my love for fitness combined with that led me to pursue massage therapy.

I love a challenge and the tougher the better. This I have always been sure relates to the history of my battle and defeat of childhood cancer. The way I see it, I have conquered the near impossible and that which didn’t kill me only made me stronger. 

When I say I love a challenge, I live for it! I got into weightlifting in my early twenties, as an interest and to get into shape. This then leads me into my first (and only) bikini competition. My intention going into it was not to win or place, but simply for myself and to instill confidence in my body and acceptance of my scars. 

  I’ve continued to keep up with weightlifting and trained for powerlifting. Once I became what I considered an amateur powerlifter and had confidence in my lifts, I then trained and competed in my first meet about 2 years ago. Deadlifts were my best and heaviest of the 3 lifts. 1 week out from the competition I was pulling 200lbs. My goal for the meet was for my heaviest attempt, to pull 220lbs and I did just that! Though I weighed in at 124lbs, the bar went up like it was nothing. You don’t need to have big muscles to pull heavyweight, just strength. During my schooling to become a Registered Massage Therapist, I stepped back from powerlifting to focus on my studies.  

I began taking aerial silks classes at Studio In Essence. I trained in this up to the end of level 2. I had a strong interest in training in pole fitness, this was an interest I have had for a long time. I’d never considered the training before cause I honestly thought I would fall on my head or something, plus for a long time I’ve had a fear of heights. Aerial silks training gave me confidence in myself and my body to try poll fitness. I’ve been training in pole fitness since January of this year. Pole has allowed me to realize that the fear of heights is actually a fear of falling. I’m conquering this fear by learning to trust myself that I can do the crazy awesome tricks! For me, this is learning to trust myself with every new trick we learn. It takes practice, trust & to be confident in yourself that you have the strength, skill and mindset to nail it. You might ask, “Are you scared or nervous with what some tricks involve (ie, Hanging upside down)?” Of Course! Not only do I trust and have confidence that I can/will do it, but I also have amazing instructors that spot us when learning something new and aren’t quite ready to fly solo.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

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