2019 in Review

As we grow closer to the end of another chapter, I’d like to sit and reflect on the year in a personal and professional way. As a goal-driven individual, I like to create certain expectations & challenges for the coming year.  

Going into 2019 I had the goal to make a point to step outside of my comfort zone. As much as that space is safe and comfortable, I have learned that it is quite difficult to grow as a person if we cling to this zone. Was it difficult, of course, it was! It’s literally like kicking yourself in the butt.   

I’m proud of the strides I have made in the last year. If it weren’t for my efforts to push myself, I wouldn’t have the returning clientele I currently have in the 2 clinics I practice at. I also wouldn’t have become a trained and certified TMJ specialist had I not given myself that push.  

In June of 2019, I took what was to me, a huge step for the development of my skills & practice. I traveled to Ontario to attend a 3-day intensive course to become the TMJ specialist that I am. This trip was also a huge jump from my comfort zone, here’s why;  

  • I was flying for the first time on my own  
  • Going to a place I hadn’t been before and finding my way around.  

The experience & knowledge I gained both on a professional & personal level from this trip was invaluable! I have a specialty that gives my practice direction and value. Personally, I proved to myself that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable in new situations, but it also builds new self-confidence.   

Also, back in June, I went to an evening networking event with a friend & they had opened the floor for anyone to step up to the mic and tell their story. I told my friend “I’ll do it if you do it!” I surprised myself as well as my friend by handing her my purse and just stepping out when the next opening came up! I stood in front of a room full of people with a mic in hand & told my RMT story. Had I given myself a moment to think on what I was about to do, I’m sure I would have hesitated. Now, I look forward to the next opportunity I get to talk about what I do & how I can help others.   

For the most part, I’m a one-woman show, my hustle is on 24/7. It is only myself who can truly steer the direction of my career. However, I haven’t reached where I am today by solely running it all myself. I have tremendous gratitude towards the valuable connections I call friends, who have contributed to the enhanced skills that go with my one-woman show. I wouldn’t be where I am without my dynamic duo the Geworsky’s. Brittney built my logo & has given me endless advice on social media marketing. Chris (Geworsky Imaging) did the work on the vision I had for my TMJ info video. My online presence would not be what it is without the help & advice of my good friend Roberta Hibbert. I still have lots to learn about running a website, but I can manage a fair bit now thanks to her help.  

 In 2020 I aim to continue to build my brand The Jaw Mechanic, improve my online presence/reach a larger audience and do more info sessions on the interesting services I offer.  

Keeping it to 3 goals removes the potential for overwhelming expectations to achieve it all. I also like to write them down in a safe place where I can look back to overtime. Writing goals down, I have found to be a powerful motivator, which allows more chances to succeed!  

2 thoughts on “2019 in Review

  1. Serge De-Serres

    As a customer of your i’ m very impress with your skill !
    WHILE IT CAN BE HARD TO BE TREATED for my personnel situation the relieve is great ! You are a pleasant young lady who make people feel comfortable keep up the good work…
    Brother Serge


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